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STB EMU for Android Download STB Emu from Playstore.


Open the app – Long press to open settings tap up right corner. 


Go to Settings


Add/Modify profile and add new Press into new profile and first tap – name it "4K MEDIA" and press OK. 


Go to folder Portal settings – Top one ”Portal URL” add and press OK. 


Press back and go to STB Configurations. 


Set top one to MAG-254 on normal speed devices or


MAG-256 on 3GB or More Memory devices. 




Now on STB EMU press back 4 times until back to blue startup screen. Long press remote to open settings up right corner again. 


Scroll down 4 to Profiles and there should be one named "4K MEDIA". 


Press that and it will load up.  


Common Errors:

1. If saying URL not found.


Check Portal URL part for spelling.



2. STB Blocked. 


Check client area that MAC is added, and that its correct. If all correct, and still not working, please Open a Support Ticket.

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